Got a question?

With our focus on preempting our tenants' needs, chances are we've thought of it. Refer to the below, and feel free to reach out to us for further clarification on any issue. We are here to help!

  • Question #1:

    When is my rent due each month?

    Answer :

    Rent is due on the first of every month with a grace period until the 5th of the month.
    Rent payments can be made through the following channels.
    1. Mail: Mail your payment to Goose Property Management at 505 Flushing Avenue, #1F, Brooklyn, NY 11205.
    2. Online: payments can be made on our website by logging into your residents account and submitting a payment. Convenience fees may apply for online payments charged by the third party processing company.
    3. Rent Deposit Box: You may choose to drop your rent in the rent deposit box in your building. Usually located next to the mailboxes or in the lobby. If you are having difficulty locating the rent box in your building, feel free to reach out to management.

  • Question #2:

    How do I reach management after hours if I need immediate assistance?

    Answer :

    Goose Property Management has a 24/7 response team to respond to emergencies after hours. To contact management after hours please call our main office line at 718-246-3734 and dial 1 for immediate assistance.

  • Question #3:

    How do I obtain an additional fob key?

    Answer :

    There is a $50 charge per key fob. Payment can be made online when logging into your resident’s account, or a check can be dropped into the rent deposit box in your building. Once the payment reaches management, a key fob is programmed for you and left at the front desk of your building.

  • Question #4:

    I have a furniture delivery. Do I need to provide insurance documents?

    Answer :

    Yes, if you have a furniture delivery or a subcontractor doing work in your apartment they do need to provide a COI. Please contact management to obtain a sample COI for your building so your movers or contractor will know your building’s requirements.

  • Question #5:

    How do I submit a maintenance request to management?

    Answer :

    Maintenance issues should be submitted to management via our ticket system online. You need to log into your resident’s account and create a maintenance ticket.
    As soon as a ticket comes up in our system someone from our maintenance team will reach out to you to answer your question or schedule a time for the super to come by to do the repair.

  • Question #6:

    I want to authorize a guest to receive access/keys to my apartment. How do I let the doorman know?

    Answer :

    If you want your family member or friend to receive access to your unit when you are not home, you need to add them as an ‘authorized guest’ on your building’s community portal so the doorman knows that you provided access. You need to log onto the community portal for your building and go to ‘add front desk instructions’, ‘add authorized guest’.

  • Question #7:

    If my spouse or partner is not on the lease but lives with me, does he/she have all rights as a tenant?

    Answer :

    If you have an additional occupant living with you that you would like him/her to have access to all websites and building services, you may want to add them as an approved occupant to your lease. An approved occupant will go through a minimal approval process and will then receive the same rights as a tenant. Feel free to reach out to our leasing department for more information on this.

  • Question #8:

    My housekeeper/dog walker is on schedule to come on a daily/weekly schedule. How can she/he obtain access to my apartment?

    Answer :

    If you would like your housekeeper or dog walker to receive access to your unit daily, you may add them as an authorized guest on your building’s community portal.

  • Question #9:

    What are the specifications of a washer/dryer in my unit?

    Answer :

    Washer/Dryers must be electric and vent-less. You do need to measure your utility closet to get the exact clearance which would be approximately between 65”-70”.

  • Question #10:

    How do I reserve a room or rentable amenity room for a private gathering?

    Answer :

    If your building has rentable rooms/areas, you can reserve them through your community portal or if your building has a Lifestyle Director, reservations should be done through him/her.

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